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No more headaches; San Diego Bookkeeping

The piles and piles of paperwork, the receipts, the invoices crammed into drawers and shoeboxes (you can’t hide them forever you know), it can all seem overwhelming.

The business grows, you hire someone in, the paperwork goes away, the knot in your chest begins to subside. Then bang. Tax time, accounting error, CPA crawling all over you. Huge bill, knot in your chest returns, only this time it’s accompanied by a bull horn at your temples.

Wouldn’t it be something to know that every single dime coming in and going out of your business, even down to the dollars for printer toner in the petty cash were being cared for by a San Diego bookkeeping pro? So there were no errors, glitches in the system or big, fat, hairy accounting headaches down the IRS line.

What is business if not a noisy bunch of numbers? Well, noisy to some, a symphony to me. Sometimes it’s a puzzle, or a game of match; but I make sure those numbers reconcile, they add up, make sense. I’m that San Diego bookkeeping pro.

Bookkeeping is the foundation on which your business is built. My San Diego bookkeeping service makes sure you’re strong and sturdy. I take care of every shred of paper with a number on it (in the most tax saving way possible) so when you pass the information to the CPA (the guy or gal who is doing your taxes), they don’t come back to you with questions or have to redo a bunch of transactions at your considerable expense. You’d be surprised at how much money I can save you.

Then, having done your books, I can present you with an exact snapshot of your company’s performance and explain it to you, line by line. Your books are a camera and a scoreboard, all rolled into one (when you know what you’re looking at of course).

A bookkeeper with benefits. Bookkeeping in San Diego done right.

Accounts Payable

Juggling the money is half the battle in business. Many a decent enterprise has sunk below the waterline because of a cash flow problem. Thankfully, many a decent enterprise has stayed afloat because of my skillful ball play AKA Love’s Accounting.

First step; go looking for the hole in your roof, place a bucket where you are leaking resources. Second step, negotiate with your creditors. It’s art mixed with a dash of science. A skillful blend I have perfected over the years doing bookkeeping and accounting in San Diego because you know, sometimes in business, payment plans and lines of credit are very necessary.


There’s always wiggle room on the price. Especially on larger orders.

Are you sure you’re getting the best deal on goods and services? If you’re accepting the brochure price or the first quote you receive I respectfully suggest you’re not. Want to put it to the test and have me negotiate on your behalf?

One secret (sshhh) is to gently encourage your suppliers to see you as a VIP client. Don’t tell anyone, that’s just between you and me (and if you choose my San Diego bookkeeping service, I’ll show you how it’s done).

Accounts Receivable

You’d think invoicing would be the fun part of business. You’d think.

But when money is pouring in faster than you were expecting (and can handle) the joy quickly gives way to despair. Or when you have a whole bunch of outstanding invoices and it’s having a serious effect on your cash flow, it takes all your effort to sit at your desk and not hide under it with your thumb in your mouth.

At the heart of my San Diego bookkeeping service is showing you where you stand. It is very important. The average monthly income of your company. The fees your credit card companies take. How much money is coming in, what’s going out. It’s what I do best. Shining a light in the belly of the beast; helping you plan for success. Then taking steps, like approaching banks for a line of credit, to make it happen.

Monthly Reconciliations

Your bank transactions, your checkbooks, your petty cash. For meticulous records (that my Love’s Accounting is wrapped around) no financial transaction should be left untouched.

Reconciliations are either right or they are wrong. They are black and white, no shades of grey, no room for error. If you are one of the extraordinary people who finds this boring (reconciliations boring!?) I’ll do them. They’re my catnip.

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