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San Diego Accounting; Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting

Not everyone in business is a financial whizz. And it’s okay. A sheet of numbers is intimidating. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be college degrees in bookkeeping, accounting, tax, economics etc in which I graduated in all four with top honors before setting up my Love’s Accounting business – and just to finish the story – then went on to grab an HR degree because you know, all those laws and compliance and contracts and legalese and things.

Anyway, financial analysis is important though, and that’s why I offer it is as part of my San Diego accounting service, because it lets you see exactly where you stand, it alerts you to any danger on the horizon and it can even show you how well you are doing.

So once I’ve prepped your books (so I know they are perfect) I am able to give you every type of financial statement and report that you need.

I don’t just dish out them out and wave bye bye though. That’s not me. I poke through the information with you, turn over every number so there is not one single decimal point that you don’t understand. It’s an opportunity to ask the financial questions that have been burning a hole in your brain (but maybe you’ve been too embarrassed to ask). There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Financial Reporting

You can confidently give the financial reports I provide to the institutions who need them, banks, the IRS, CPAs, knowing they are spot on and fully compliant with the mound of laws that surround them. Better yet, you can let me hand them over (it always looks good when they come from your accountant).

No one does San Diego accounting quite like me; after a while I won’t even need your paperwork in front of me, I can just rattle off the figures from your financial statements and reports from memory.

If you like the sound of my San Diego accounting, let’s talk.

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