Quickbooks Training

Quickbooks Training

QuickBooks is the leader in accounting software for small businesses. Using QuickBooks has become easier and more user friendly over the years.

One great example of how user friendly QuickBooks has become is their check writing page, it looks just like a check.  If you tab through it, you will discover how easy it is to do.  I am here to walk you through it and learn the different functions since some are not as easy as writing a check.

The first thing you should know about QuickBooks is just because it lets you do that, doesn’t mean you should.Your tax returns are tied to your accounting, so I like to lock past years so people don’t accidentally make a huge mistake that costs a ridiculous amount of money to fix, and really all that money was time fixing your OOPS.

A chart of accounts is really for you to read, not the government.  So if you want to keep track of every little detail, you can.  Or if you travel a lot and your hotel services you for several things, such as dry cleaning, meals, and lodging, you can just lump that all into travel.  The government really cares more that Income was in the Income section, Cost of Goods Sold are actually costs you incurred to do business, and Expenses are pretty much everything else you spent money on to do business.  Miscellaneous is a red flag account, so you can have one, just don’t put a lot of transactions in there…many miscellaneous transactions are no longer miscellaneous.

QuickBooks training is great for the hands on business owner that wants to have a handle on their own books.

QuickBooks training is also great for the business owner that has their hands full because you could understand it all works.  Then you wouldn’t have to be charged for every question you actually need answered.

Accounting is a necessary part of business, but it tends to only cost company’s money.  I am the accountant that wants to save your company money.  I will teach you as much or as little as you want to know.  I will teach you out of my own job.    I’m not worried, most people don’t want to do their own books…and if you are good at what you do, you don’t have to.  So you go be good at what you do, and I will be great at what I do for your company.

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