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Human Resources in San Diego; what you need to know.

Did you know that if an employee eats lunch at their desk, they can sue you for having to “work through lunch” (unless you can prove they weren’t working – can you?)

Are you up to speed on the bathroom break laws?

Did you know that it is illegal to ask an interviewee whether they own a car in their interview?

Human resources in San Diego is a minefield. A disgruntled ex-employee has three years to make a claim against you and it could even be having not received an employee handbook when they arrived (you do have your employees sign for their handbooks, don’t you?) Not informing the EDD of a new hire within 20 days via the W-2 form so the State can see if any mandated salary deductions need to be applied such as child support orders can land you in hot water too. You do go to the EDD website, download, print and make them sign the W-2, don’t you?

Did you know there are the $100 fines per line for not filling out the I-9 form correctly, then there are the medical forms – they need to be filed separately…

There are a ridiculous number (hundreds, literally) of laws and procedures and codes of conduct you need to follow that you don’t even know about with regard to human resources in San Diego. Documenting disciplinary information if done incorrectly – or not at all – could cause you headaches down the line.

An employee handbook with guidelines needs to be followed to the letter. Like with children, if you do something for one employee, you need to do it for them all, otherwise, yes you guessed it you could find yourself staring down the barrel of a lawsuit (probably not with your children – but who knows?)

This is human resources, San Diego style; home of the strictest employment laws of all 50 states (they should put that on the welcome sign). And let’s not forget there are both County and City laws to be complied with….

Let’s turn over the 2016 sick leave law.

So you have to give your employees sick leave from day one but, here’s the kicker, you can prevent them from using it until day 90.

You must give your employees five days (eight hours a day) of sick time but can restrict them to only three days (eight hours a day), or 24 hours a year.

There are carry forward options to add further confusion into the mix and of course every hour must be accounted for on their pay stubs.

If you find yourself scratching your head, you’re not alone. It takes a payroll specialist to unravel this stuff and maneuver your business so it’s compliant.

I have a recent certificate in Human Resources… since I was thrown into it and since I’m an overachiever and all, I thought why not? Never hurts to know what you’re doing….and it is from the State of California. It’s my job to know the laws, the codes, the procedures and make sure nothing or no one in your organisation falls through the cracks. I even save you the bother of reading the brick sized / lead weight court orders (but at least half of it is a duplicate for the employee, so you don’t need to feel too bad for me).

So if you want someone who knows human resources in San Diego, get in touch.

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