About us

You’ve a rolodex full of clients, a corner office that looks out over a sea of staff and ringing phones. There’s a polished company car waiting downstairs in the parking garage.  You’ve never struggled building your business; getting the handshake is straight-forward….  But in the belly of your business? Where the nitty-gritty financials lurk, the legalese? You’ve never been at ease.

You want to be sure that you’re getting the best deals on goods and services, discounts on large orders even, but you don’t want to micro-manage.

You don’t want to pay more tax than is necessary, but you don’t know who or even how much it will cost to ask.

And the thought of having to plough through the hundreds of individual HR laws of San Diego one by one – just to make sure you’re on the right side of the fence -frankly makes you sweat.

I’m Gina. I do San Diego bookkeeping, tax planning, payroll and accounting.

Tax planning came first, until the stock market crash of 2008, with a head for numbers accounting was an obvious career move. Love’s Accounting was born. Next came human resources (I do like compliance), another string to my bow.

I’m the one who’ll read the IRS website like it’s a romance novel, to make sure you’re compliant, so if the IRS did ever shine a light into all your nooks and crannies, all they’d see is their own reflection.

My business is San Diego bookkeeping, San Diego accounting, it’s San Diego tax planning and it’s San Diego human resources and San Diego payroll. Because no one does the numbers better and no one cares more about saving money than me.

Your business is your baby; make sure you plan ahead.

Wiki How Expert & Co-Author