Payroll Services

  • Payroll Services

    It’s not all doom and gloom though. Most people aren’t aware of how to use wage laws to their advantage. Of course I’m talking tax planning once more (I can’t help it, it’s my thing). But there all sorts of opportunities to legally reduce your bill through payroll. This is how I can help you.

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  • Human Resources

    Human resources in San Diego is a minefield. A disgruntled ex-employee has three years to make a claim against you and it could be about not having received an employee handbook when they arrived (you do have your employees sign for their handbooks, don’t you?) to not informing the EDD of their employment within 20 days via the correct W-2 form. The state must see if any mandated salary deductions need to be applied such as child support orders (you do go to the EDD website, download, print and make them sign the W-2, don’t you?).

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